Friday, 24 June 2016

First Swift Bronze Exhibitions Summer 2016

The first of the Swift Bronzes will be on show at various events and exhibitions this Summer 2016. Designs are being drawn up and suitable bases are being sourced to display this special bird portrait sculpture to its best advantage.
The order - book is now open for the first and early numbers of the edition...prices will reflect their number and the amounts they will raise and donate both for the cause of Swift conservation and its publicity.

Here is one design which may include carved surface of the world, highlighting our Swift's epic journey from Britain to Africa.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Serious Decline in Swift Numbers in the UK

    Swifts are astounding aerial acrobats, and they are extraordinary birds for other reasons – 
they spend almost all their lives flying.
They feed and sleep on the wing, and normally only land at the right sort of sites to nest and rear their young.

    Their nests are out of sight in buildings, under the roof tiles or in cracks in walls.

Swifts in the Sky by Keta

    Sadly the number of Swift is declining dramatically in the last 20 years and one reason for this is the loss of nest sites as buildings are repaired or demolished.

The RSPB is one organisation identifying this issue and drawing up a series of projects to achieve support for the conservation of the Swift. Further updates will be brought as to the status of these projects.

For practical information and links to other local groups working for Swift Conservation see
Action for Swifts

Swift Conservation  provides an additional platform for the sharing of information and further links.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Last images of the Swift clay before the mould is made

Last glimpses before the Swift sculpture is cast into wax, and then  to Bronze

Amazing face of the Swift, with the small beak and feathers along the face - the mouth has a tremendous gape, ready to catch the insect food in flight.

There we are then ... next Sculptress  JOEL is aiming to make a juvenile Swift about to fly for the first time