Thursday, 9 November 2017

Swift Sculpture Continue to Celebrate and Promote

The beautiful sculptures of the Swift (Apus Apus) continue to raise awareness for the need to make efforts to help this bird survive and thrive.

Events in 2016 include the sculpture exhibition at Marks Hall in Essex. During the summer hundreds of people could admire the Swifts and find out about the need to help this species.

The First pairs of Swifts in Bronze are also now in the private collections of people who are involved in Swift Conservation.

The artist Joel Walker  continues to draw up designs for the Swift award and help local and national Swift Conservation projects.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Swift Statue available to touch and see

    The message for the need to conserve and celebrate the Swift (Apus Apus) in our nations is being taken to exhibitions and events in the form of the Swift Bronzes by JOEL.

Bronze Swift by JOEL - Captured above the Roofs

    "It is so important that the message for action to help this and so many species reaches out to people who may not be aware of the bird that zips over their heads each year, or the creatures that are so often hidden from our view. By having the Bronze of the Swifts, captured in detail and available to see, study and touch and feel - I hope that our hearts are moved to want to do something more to keep our planet diverse and protected.  

"The provision of homes for Swifts is one action so easily achieved as we design, build and renovate our buildings." says Joel.

 The display of detailed portraits of birds is available to experience at venues during the next two years.  

Follow the Sculptress JOEL on Facebook Twitter  and through her website.

The Swift Bronze was selected for the Leicester and Rutland Wildlife Trust 60th Anniversary Exhibition at the Guildhall Leicester. It was enjoyed by visitors and they were invited to  "Gently Touch" the birds.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Swift Conservation Award Appeal

Help make the Swift Conservation Award happen - to donate 
  call the Tenon Studio 01664 454 987

photo by pau.artigas
Swift numbers are falling rapidly 
and their nest sites need protection

What the Awards will do

Raise awareness of the need for the conservation of the Swift

Raise support for  Swift Conservation in Cities and Counties 

Celebrate the heroes of Swift conservation

Encourage  Swift conservation stories in the media

Friday, 5 August 2016

Swift Conservation at Countryfile Live

'Flying' at the Wildlife Zone - The new Swift Bronzes by JOEL helped to draw people to discover more about this special bird and Swift conservation projects they can support.

Swifts in Bronze by Sculptress JOEL at BBC  Countryfile Live 2016

Visitors could discover the differences between Swifts and Swallows and to find out how carefully siting Swift boxes helps these birds to breed.

Thanks are given to the Swift Action Group, the folk at BBOWT and staff of CountryFile Live for all their help during the show.

Find out more about Swift Conservation and the Swift Conservation Award
Contact the Tenon Studio  01664 454987

Swift First and Last selected for Sculpture Exhibition

The first Bronze Swifts are sited at Doddington Hall Gardens in August 2016 - and already have started to raise awareness for the need of Swift Conservation.

Swift First and Last

Swift Bronze wing feather details

Numbers one and two have flown off ! but numbers 3  and 11 are available in the GALLERY

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Swift Conservation Award

Plans are unfolding to make the Swift Sculpture come together to form part of the Swift Conservation Award. The first waxes have been made to be cast into Bronze and funds are being sought to cover the costs of the casting and of the design and making of the stone base for the award.

The design may include the characteristic nesting slot entrance  of the Swift nesting boxes...more news soon.
Please contact the Tenon Studio to make funding support and donations
01664 454987

Friday, 24 June 2016

First Swift Bronze Exhibitions Summer 2016

The first of the Swift Bronzes will be on show at various events and exhibitions this Summer 2016. Designs are being drawn up and suitable bases are being sourced to display this special bird portrait sculpture to its best advantage.
The order - book is now open for the first and early numbers of the edition...prices will reflect their number and the amounts they will raise and donate both for the cause of Swift conservation and its publicity.

Here is one design which may include carved surface of the world, highlighting our Swift's epic journey from Britain to Africa.