Thursday, 6 October 2016

Swift Statue available to touch and see

    The message for the need to conserve and celebrate the Swift (Apus Apus) in our nations is being taken to exhibitions and events in the form of the Swift Bronzes by JOEL.

Bronze Swift by JOEL - Captured above the Roofs

    "It is so important that the message for action to help this and so many species reaches out to people who may not be aware of the bird that zips over their heads each year, or the creatures that are so often hidden from our view. By having the Bronze of the Swifts, captured in detail and available to see, study and touch and feel - I hope that our hearts are moved to want to do something more to keep our planet diverse and protected.  

"The provision of homes for Swifts is one action so easily achieved as we design, build and renovate our buildings." says Joel.

 The display of detailed portraits of birds is available to experience at venues during the next two years.  

Follow the Sculptress JOEL on Facebook Twitter  and through her website.

The Swift Bronze was selected for the Leicester and Rutland Wildlife Trust 60th Anniversary Exhibition at the Guildhall Leicester. It was enjoyed by visitors and they were invited to  "Gently Touch" the birds.

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